440th Signal Battalion HQ Company

Kaiserslautern, Germany


The pictures below were submitted by Gene Capps. They were in color but our art director, Pat Mahoney, decided that the black and white look is more 60's.

A brave soul, Capps, working on an antenna

capps1.jpg (5973 bytes)

Capps at one of the remote sites.

capps2.jpg (8839 bytes)

Aubrey sitting on a footlocker.

capps3.jpg (12725 bytes)

Middle, Kenneth Schickel. Left still unidentified. Right, Turner.

capps4.jpg (15040 bytes)


The following pictures were sent by Neal Scott. The website is growing thanks to the people that are digging through  their albums and finding old forgotten photos.

Hensley and Adam.

scott1.jpg (11404 bytes)

Adam and Scott.

scott2.jpg (13276 bytes)

Scott and LaFontaine with his favorite cup of "coffee".

scott3.jpg (11559 bytes)

Davidson, Capps, Suzy and Scott.

scott4.jpg (12604 bytes)

This was the company's remote site. Unidentified sergeant posing by the sign.

scott5.jpg (11162 bytes)

This is the site itself.

scott6.jpg (10887 bytes)

Capps taking advantage of the only week of summer in Germany.

scott7.jpg (9574 bytes)

On the right, Schickel, on the left remains unknown.

scott8.jpg (9637 bytes)

LaFontaine getting a re-up talk from an unidentified sergeant.

scott9.jpg (9174 bytes)

LaFontaine contemplating his future.

scott10.jpg (8682 bytes)
scott11.jpg (11254 bytes) The company Jeep must have been out for repairs. On the left Scott, on the right, Rice. scott12.jpg (11389 bytes)

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