440th Signal Battalion HQ Company

Kaiserslautern, Germany


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Remember the pup tents used during war games.

The troops playing cards while keeping an eye out for the enemy.

Setting up communications!


I think this was a machine gun tower used during the war.

A view of K-town,which all of us remember fondly


I believe this is Panzer Kasserne, which was next to Kleber Kasserne

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Daymude and Florian.

Florian and Scott.

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jun09_03.jpg (12902 bytes) Akers and Florian.


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jun09_05.jpg (13479 bytes) Reszetucha, Craft, Rooks.

Meal card signed by Lt. Ajemian

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Kaiserslautern, on this page check out Impressions. Now we also have our own Impressions photo page.

45th Finance Section This is a link for the guys that handled our pay in Kaiserslautern.

Patrick Mahoney has a link to the Boxing Hall of Fame

400th Signal Battalion Historical Pages WWII and the Korean War

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