440th Signal Battalion HQ Company

Kaiserslautern, Germany


This is where it started for most of us, a troop transport. In this case the USNS Upshur.  Mahoney and Reszetucha sailed on her to Germany. Other ships were the Darby, Patch etc.

Now in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Here are some of the troops standing in front of the barracks. L to R Hitchcock, Craft, Crooks, Reszetucha, Rooks.

View from HQ tower looking on the parade ground and messhall.

The old movie house. At that time it was like a palace.

More troops, L to R, Aubrey, Sgt. Scott, Burton.

Mahoney, ready for action.

The parade ground being used for what it was intended



Mahoney without his pocket protector. Craft getting ready for the 1964 Olympics in swimming.

Craft and Reszetucha about to enter the 1964 Mr. Universe competition.

Reszetucha and  Mahoney. All these photos were taken at the HQ tower.

Reszetucha holding up an antenna.


Adamich, combat ready!

Reszetucha and Scott



In this picture it takes three to hold up the antenna. L to R Adamich, Risley, Miller.

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Only one signalman could be trusted with a rifle at any time. L to R Reszetucha, Craft, Rooks, Willson.

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Mahoney and Craft. This time they're both in uniform.

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Reszetucha posing by HQ's photo-op spot.

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One of the many castle ruins near Kaiserslautern.



Adamich in the castle's fountain.

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Ein Prosit

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