440th Signal Battalion Historic Pictures (Page 2)

Continuing with photos from WWII and some from the Korean War

Some of the commendations received by the 440th Signal Battalion during WWII




Bill Armentrout Korea 1953


Relaxing in Korea, Sgt Schultz reading a comic book


Bill Armentrout as a bartender


Anthony Mallozzi


Sleeping Quarters


Papa Son


Julius Morrison


Julius Morrison and Arnold Tipton


Sabre Jet


Cecil Waid working on a cable


Cecil Waid having a party of one


Cecil Waid and Lester Warmstate


Cecil Waid, Bill Armentrout


Korean barracks


Notice the same washroom barrel from WWII


Bill Armentrout


Sgt. Schultz, Cecil Waid, Pvt. Lockwood, unknown


1953 Baseball team submitted by Erwin Wasserman


Rolled-over truck


Sgt. Schultz and Patrick Mahoney at the Korean Memorial


Cecil Waid and Bill Armentrout

Schultz, Waid, Armentrout and Mahoney

Another photo of  Cecil Waid and Bill Armentrout

George Owens


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