Boxing Hall Of Fame 2006 (Page 7)

Carlos Baldomir

Roberto Duran

Johnny Gonsalves

JosÚ Napoles

Napoles and Mu˝iz

Manny Pacquiao

Eddie Perkins

Freddie Roach

Saad Muhammad, Yaqui Lopez

Lopez, Duran, Napoles

Yaqui Lopez, Gaspar Ortega


Boxing Hall Of Fame 2007

Ricardo Lopez with Maria Mahoney

George Benton

Mike Ortega

Marvin Johnson

Joe Cortez

Wayne McCullough

Pat Mahoney Honorary Member World Boxing Hall of Fame

Me at the heavy bag

Now the speed bag


New Pictures 2011

Pat Mahoney and Nonito Donaire, bantamweight champion

Trainer Roberto Garcia

Trainer Jonathan Penalosa

Canelo Alvarez


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