Patrick Mahoney in the Boxing Hall of Fame (Page 5)
(All these pictures were taken during trips to the Boxing Hall of Fame)


Ed Brophy, Hall of Fame director, with the family of deceased featherweight champion Flash Elorde.


Bonecrusher Smith. Heavyweight champion. 


Christy Martin. First Lady of boxing.


Ryan O'Neal, parade grand marshall.


Daniel Day-Lewis. Academy award winning actor.


Alan Minter, middleweight champion.


Ken Norton, heavyweight champion.




Marvin Hagler, middleweight champion.



Shane Mosely, welterweight champion.


Barry McGuigan, featherweight champion. 


Juan Diaz, lightweight champion.



Mustafa Hamsho, middleweight contender.


Shannon Briggs, heavyweight champion. 


Lamon Brewster, heavyweight champion. 

Hedgemon Lewis, middleweight contender. 


Original Golden Boy Art Aragon. 


Art Frias. 

Arthur Mercante, boxing referee. 


Heavyweight champions Lamon Brewster, Mike Weaver. 


Lightweight champion Rodolfo Gonzalez, Maria Mahoney. 

Champions Emile Griffith, Ernie Terrell, Gene Fullmer


Champions Jeff Chandler, Boza Edwards. 


Contender Jesse Pimentel. 

Me, WBHOF President Armando Muņiz, Maria Mahoney, Director Bert Murietta. 


Welterweight contender Gaspar Ortega. 


Lightweight champion Ray Mancini. 

Bantamweight champion Alfonso Zamora

Yaqui Lopez honored by the Northern California Veterans Boxers Association where I'm a member of the board of directors. 

During my recent Army reunion, I visited Joe Louis' graveside. 



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