Patrick Mahoney in the Boxing Hall of Fame (Page 3)

Singer Tony Orlando and yours truly.

Alexis ArgŁello.

Iran Barkley. Middleweight champion.


Jeff Fenech. Featherweight champion.


Jake LaMotta.



Buddy McGirk. Welterweight champion.



Baby Joe Mesi. Heavyweight contender.


Tommy Morrison.

Carlos Palomino.

John Stracey and Carlos Palomino.



Tony Orlando flanked by Alexis ArgŁello and Leon Spinks.


Antonio Tarver.

Mickey Ward. Lightweight champion.


Winky Wright.


Gene and Don Fullmer.



Jimmy Ellis, Leon Spinks and Corey Spinks.


Ricardo Mayorga


Reuben Vargas and Pat Valentino.

Marvin Hagler.

Diego Corrales was killed in a motorcycle accident in Vegas. He is pictured with me and on the right with Emile Griffith. 


Corey Spinks.


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